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About Pheno

Developing remyelinating therapies for the unmet need for a neuroprotective therapy for Multiple Sclerosis.
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Pheno Therapeutics is a new biotechnology company founded by the University of Edinburgh and Advent Life Sciences that builds on the ground breaking research of Profs Siddharthan Chandran and Neil Carragher, world class experts in multiple sclerosis and stem cell biology, and phenotypic screening, respectively.

Mo Shahid, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Mo brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge in pharmaceutical R&D innovation to Pheno Therapeutics. During a successful 35 year professional career he has held various leadership roles from early drug discovery through to clinical development and CNS drug launch. His industry roles included Senior Adviser for Translational Research at Orion Pharma and Senior Director and Pharmacology Section Head at MSD, Schering Plough Corporation and Organon. He also founded a small consultancy business, MS4Pharma, where he provided custom CNS drug discovery support services to early-stage biotech and academic institutions. Mo gained his PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, UK).

Prof. Siddarthan Chandran

Prof. Siddarthan Chandran is Head of Dept of Neurology at Edinburgh University and leads the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic. Siddharthan is a world class clinician and experienced in conducting early stage trials on novel remyelinating drugs. He is one of the co founders of Pheno Therapeutics, is expert in the use of human iPSCs to model neurological disorders and has published >100 peer reviewed papers.

Prof. Neil Carragher

Prof. Neil Carragher is a phenotypic screening pioneer & thought leader. He has extensive industry experience with Yamanouchi Pharmaceuticals & AstraZeneca and as Director of Edinburgh Cancer Discovery Unit and leads Edinburgh Phenotypic Assay Centre as well as being Chief Scientist for the UK Phenotypic Screening Centre with over 70 peer reviewed papers.