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multiple sclerosis

Developing remyelinating therapies for the unmet need for a neuroprotective therapy for Multiple Sclerosis.
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Pheno Therapeutics is a new biotechnology company founded by the University of Edinburgh and Advent Life Sciences that builds on the ground breaking research of Profs Siddharthan Chandran and Neil Carragher, world class experts in multiple sclerosis and stem cell biology, and phenotypic screening, respectively.

Identifying an unmet need

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

MS is a devastating and unpredictable chronic disease of the central nervous system that is the most common cause of disability in young adults. It affects ~2.4 million patients worldwide. The disease involves the immune system attacking and damaging the myelin sheaths that insulate and nourish axons/nerve fibres in the central nervous system. Key pathological features of the disease include multifocal demyelination, axonal injury and neurodegeneration.

Identifying an unmet need

Neurogenerative control

In recent years, MS therapies modulating the immune system have brought many benefits to patients. While these medicines often reduce the frequency and severity of the relapses that characterise the most common relapsing-remiting form of the disease, they do not halt disease progression or reverse the on-going neurodegenerative processes.

Our aims and goals

Identifying unique solutions

Pheno Therapeutics aims to identify novel remyelinating agents and develop transformational therapeutics that enhance the repair of damaged myelin sheaths in MS patients.