About Pheno Therapeutics

Pheno Therapeutics is an early stage biotechnology company (Edinburgh, UK) with a highly differentiated small molecule drug discovery platform built to deliver a new class of transformative regenerative and neuroprotective therapeutics. Our discovery engine
Our discovery engine was built on the pioneering research of our co founders, Professors Siddharthan Chandran and Neil Carragher (University of Edinburgh, UK). Financial backing has been provided by two leading life sciences investors.

Our Mission

To discover, develop and deliver first in class oligodendrocyte based neuroprotective therapeutics for multiple sclerosis and other neurological disorders of high unmet medical need.
Our Team

Our Vision

To mine and harness the power of human oligodendrocyte biology to deliver world leading neurotherapeutics that transform the lives of patients with disabling neurological disease.
Our Platform

Meet our Team

Fraser Murray, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Siddharthan Chandran MD, PhD
Neil Carragher, PhD

Our Board

Jane Rhodes, PhD
Executive Chair
Raj Parekh, PhD
Sohaib Mir, PhD
Tim Harris, PhD
Non-executive Director

Our Partners

We are proud to work with industry leaders in their respective fields including the University of Edinburgh’s world-leading expertise in phenotypic screening, stem cell technology and myelin biology.
We are proud to work with these organisations:

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Find out more about Pheno Therapeutics and the ground breaking work we do.

Pheno Therapeutics

Based in Edinburgh and positioned to deploy the University’s world-leading expertise in phenotypic screening, stem cell technology and myelin biology, we aim to discover and develop small molecule therapeutics that promote remyelination for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.
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