Our Platform

We aim to develop an effective remyelination therapeutic which can be added onto current immune modulator drugs to deliver neuroprotection leading to arrest or slowing down of neurological disease progression and long term disability.
Our visions is to mine and harness the power of human oligodendrocyte biology to deliver world leading neurotherapeutics that transform the lives of patients with disabling neurological disease.

Our Human Led Discovery Strategy

“We don’t have to look for a model organism anymore. Because we are the model organisms” - Sydney Brenner, (2008)

Delivering Value to MS Patients

Promotion of remyelination has the potential to deliver a breakthrough advance in MS therapeutics.
An effective remyelination therapeutic added onto current immune modulator drugs would deliver neuroprotection leading to arrest or slowing down of MS disease progression and long term disability

Our Discovery Platform

Human Cell Assays
Disease phenotype relevant models Oligodendrocyte differentiation Myelination in 3D myelinoids.

Advanced Phenotypic Screening
High content multiparametric imagebased screening AI/ML driven fingerprint analysis Hit & drug target identification.
Drug discovery programs Translational in-vivo evaluation and non-clinical proof of concept Discovery of drug candidates.
World class clinical network and expertise for rapid translation to testing in patients Clinical proof of concept.

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Find out more about Pheno Therapeutics and the ground breaking work we do.

Pheno Therapeutics

Based in Edinburgh and positioned to deploy the University’s world-leading expertise in phenotypic screening, stem cell technology and myelin biology, we aim to discover and develop small molecule therapeutics that promote remyelination for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.
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